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People Counting
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Why People Counting?

Entry and exit counts are key for organisers/ production directors who want to understand how spaces/areas/attractions/activations are used by visitors/attendees.

As any organiser can tell you, even small changes in the placement of restroom facilities, food outlets, bars, covered areas, merchandising, and concession areas can significantly impact an event’s success. Decision-making about structuring the event area can be optimised using real-time and historical data about how visitors/attendees utilise different spaces.

With this data, it enables the user to make strategic decisions about security and safety protocols, priority number one at live events. Knowing real- time visitor flows helps experiential agencies, production houses, festival owners make fact-based decisions.

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The Technology

The Sensors master people counting with high precision, The 3D stereo vision technology permits accurate people counting up to 99.9%, and enables people counting in real time. Although the sensors look simple by design they provide very smart functionality.

The sensors are mounted at height, from a minimum of 2.5 meters up to a maximum of 20 meters. And provide multiple zones or line counts per device , area and mounting location permitting.

Counting from above, the sensors count only heads and the movement underneath their measuring area. This provides a privacy focused solution with no biometric tracking. The computer vision models are trained for dense environments and down to very low light conditions making a perfect solution in experiential, exhibition and retail scenarios.

Data from the sensors is streamed to the platform and presented on dashboards in real time - allowing for instant reactions to trends. Filters can be applied to the data to add scope and delve deeper into the metrics, providing reports on specific scenarios. These filters can be applied both in real time and retrospectively with reprocessing taking only a few moments - allowing for quick responses and reports to be generated.

2.5m - 6m
Photo of a standard sensor
6m - 20m
Photo of an extended sensor
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Metrics and The Dashboard
Line Counts
Providing a total in and out metric, and an understanding of the most used entrance and exit points. The display enables you to track in and out numerics over the live event in real-time and gives an insight into the busiest times allowing you to maximise visitor and attendee engagement.
Crossing line counts metric screenshot
Crossing line counts metric screenshot
Zone Interactions
This gives the platform user the data insight around how many people have interacted within that zone. The data is presented as a total, and also provided as a breakdown over a timeline graph.
Zone Dwell
Dwell statistics give some of the most insightful information with regards to engagement around a product or space. Giving the user a greater understanding around impact. Metrics provided are total, longest and average dwell.
Crossing line counts metric screenshot
Crossing line counts metric screenshot
Heatmap gives the user a visual representation around occupancy, with red being the highest populated area. It gives the ability to see at at a glance how the space is being used and an idea around flow. Allowing for the client to make informed decisions about how the space / activation performs and if any changes are required.
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